Challenger /w Master Tier SUPPORT MONTAGE | League of Legends
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Challenger /w Master Tier SUPPORT MONTAGE | League of Legends

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Notice: All players was Challenger, Master. But as you know player's divisions is changing by time. ???? SUBSCRIBE HERE ????:

H A V E F U N ツ
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My every montage trying to tell a story. I hope you can hear..
And here is Challenger / Master Support Montage.
Feel free to write your thoughts'!

#ChallengerSupport #LeagueOfLegends #LifeisGG

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►Players on the Montage
Pyke (Blows a bit):
Braum (Bandos):
Alistar (xL Quixeth):
Morgana (N5 Rach):
Nami (Silent):
Rakan (shining upon you):
Morgana (Winter):
Leona (MSF Prosfair):
Thresh (Dreamer Ace):
Bard (prodi light):
Braum (pretty c):
Bard (H2k promiscuous):
Brand (xFSN Sakura):
Lulu (602):
Zilean (CHIDORl):
Janna (Saviour):
Tahm Kench (Gweiss):
Taric (MAD Kanani):
Thresh (GoD PsYCraW):
Rakan (Carmen Campagne):
Pyke (Jordyn Jones):
Zilean (Crekhe):
Bard (Spongebob4llyf):
[BONUS] Janna (Bebé Pinguino):

♫♫ All Songs:
√ Dynoro, Gigi D'Agostino - In My Mind (Official Audio)

√ NEFFEX - Rumors

√ Mike Chino - Collapse

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