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D.Lux plays..Thousand Arms (1998/PS1) Part 44: Boss Battle!:Spirit Guardian..Jyabil (!?).

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To everyone shock (especially Meis and Sodina), the sacred altar is guarded by a spirit who has taken on the form of Jyabil (Meis spirit blacksmith master and Sodina's brother). The guardian explains that he has been waiting to pass on the power of the sixth holy flame to someone. But, first, they must be deemed worthy. Boss battle!.

This boss encounter is not as tough as previous boss encounters. The boss spends the majority of the battle defending, which is more than enough time for the group to cast plenty of support buff spells on everyone and status effect magic on the boss.

The guardian has a few attacks. A sword attack that causes moderate damage to a single enemy and his strongest attack of a summons (pretty cool looking summons) that can cause big damage on everyone. Like previous boss encounters, have back row on heal and cure standby and cast when needed while front row attack with specials and Meis summons.

The guardian is defeated and he passes on the power of the sixth holy flame to Meis. Meis also obtains another elemental beast summons; Odnis Organa.

Using his power, the guardian gathers elemental spirit energy from around the world (pretty neat FMV here...Getting a Final Fantasy VII life stream vibe from this scene) and opens a pathway to the moon.

This is it..the point of no return...the final battle beckons..

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