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Epistemic Argument for Pro-Life | Clinton Wilcox

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In this interview, I discuss the following questions with Clinton Wilcox, a pro-life speaker, and writer with Life Training Institute and a certified speaker and mentor with Justice for All. For more information read the description below:

What are some non-theistic arguments to support pro-life?

If women are denied autonomous control of their own bodies with regard to abortion, how does one prevent them and ensure they do not risk their lives having an unsafe abortion?

At what age does a fetus have worth as a human and who or what determines that?


Clinton Wilcox is a pro-life speaker and writer with Life Training Institute and a certified speaker and mentor with Justice for All. His works have been published on many pro-life blogs, including Secular Pro-Life, Life News, and National Pro-Life Committee. He has also published articles in journals such as the Christian Research Journal and Bioethics, one of the world's leading peer-reviewed journals. Clinton specializes in training pro-life people how to make the case for life effectively and persuasively. He resides in Sanger, California.

About Post Scrutinium Lux:

Post Scrutinium Lux are Latin words for "After the examination, Light". The name itself explains what you can expect here. The flag that we raise at Post Scrutinium Lux is "Post scrutinium, Lux. Post lux, Veritas" meaning "After scrutiny, Light. After light, truth". Here you will find discussion on all kind of ideas that has to do with life and philosophy. We also know that human reasoning faculties and skills are capable of error. Therefore, the conclusions at Post Scrutinium Lux are always subject to improvisation in light of new discoveries.

About Jabran:

Jabran “Jerry” is the founder and host of Post Scrutinium Lux. He is formally trained as a theologian and biblical exegete and is currently working on finishing his graduate work in philosophy. Being fed up with the negative attitude of the mainstream Christianity towards skepticism Jabran decided to start Post Scrutinium Lux, a place where ideas can be heard, appreciated, and made available to laypeople. He is a member of Evangelical Theological Theological Society and Evangelical Philosophical Society.

Note: The ideas and answers presented during the interview reflect the views of the individual speaker and do not necessarily reflect the views of Post Scrutinium Lux.

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