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Life Unexpected: Lux & Eric - "Call Me Maybe"

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Voiceovers at the bottom of the description!
Isn't this song SO perfect for them? ;)

"I threw a wish in a well... I looked at you as it fell... I wasn't looking for this, but now you're in my way...

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but..."

I started this vid in May, when I was super in the mood to vid this song after hearing a bunch of people obsessed with it at school and stuff... and also after seeing GlitteryRockstar's amazing Delena vid set to it:
But then I got uninspired for a while. I decided since I'm having surgery in like 4 and a half days and won't be able to vid for a little while after it that I should try to finish up an unfinished project if I could before then, so I decided to open up this one again.

On the show Life Unexpected Lux was always my favorite character closely followed by Baze. So naturally the father/daughter canon relationship between Baze & Lux is my favorite on the show. My favorite ships for them are Baze/Emma and Lux/Jones. But I appreciate, to some degree, all of the ships on the show - except Bug/Lux, sorry but to me Bug as a character is so boring and a little annoying and I saw nothing remotely redeeming about their relationship, despite all their supposed history. :P

Still, I loved Lux/Eric because while I rolled my eyes at the end of 2x01 when we found out Eric was actually "Mr. Daniels", a teacher at Lux's high school, and the show was going the student/teacher relationship route and really annoying me by making me think that season 2 would be a lot lamer than season 1, honestly the way the show handled it surprised me. They took me along for the ride with Lux and I fell for Eric's character as likable and Lux's infatuation with him as believable and idk, somehow it worked surprisingly well for me.

So idk when I was racking my brain for a couple I could vid that would fit this song well, I landed on these two and was glad for the opportunity to finally really vid them.

This is my first Life Unexpected vid that I made all by myself, that isn't a collab part. :P I kind of count my collaboration with ClassicallyCoolProdz that is half mine, the "Firework" Lux character study:
to be my first Life Unexpected video, but idk... this is really my first one that is all my own work! ;)

I hope people enjoy it. It's nothing too special and the lyrics are tricky to match especially with a couple with so few scenes but I tried my best and overall I'm pretty happy with the result! ;)

Song: Call Me Maybe
Artist: Carly Rae Jepsen


Eric: I *just* moved into town...
Lux: Minnesota.

Lux: I haven't even seen the ocean!
Eric: We could go. If you want.

Lux: You're a..
Eric: teacher.

Lux: I... have these amazing tickets, and... I was thinking about inviting someone. Like... on a date.

Paige: Eric broke up with me.
Lux: What did he say?
Paige: That he has feelings for somebody else.

Lux: You *can't* go camping!

Tasha: Mr. Daniels is pretty badass.
Lux: He's whatever.

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