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The Sims 4 |The Lux Life | Part 42 - We'll Be Alright.

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➦ As the due date grows near, Hank and Fae have grown closer each day. This "relationship" they have is based on one mutal thing their child. Both afraid to jump in and even more to turn away...the two are falling slowly.

Fae returns to work and even though many questions are asked she fits right in. The only awkward thing is Gil..He oogles and googles her with every chance...and he asks when can he take her out....

Afraid to turn him down, she blames it on the baby. Clearly he's not going to live it down.

Hank also thinks it would be a good idea for him to stay over at her place for awhile....Do you agree?

➦ Description of This Family -

Karrera and Fae Burmen are two spoiled rich girls. Daughter of Mugsy Brotatoski and Karlee Burmen. After their mother married Josh Vector, they created Vector Enterprises.

Amassing a bunch of money and quickly becoming some of the riches sims among the elite. Karlee felt guilt, for all the things she put the girls though as kids and spoiling them was her way of feeling better.

Living the lifestyle of luxury. They know no real responsibility, but are trying to get their life sorted. Karrera is the party girl, just looking to have a good time and Fae is the sister who has her head on tight. Often finding herself in the passenger seat of whatever escapade her sister has them in.

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The Sims 3: Jenn951
Origin: Jenn2606
Instagram: XUrbanBellaX

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