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Top 8 Fastest-Charging Electric Cars to Buy for Long-Trip Convenience

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After years of research and development, we can finally say that electric cars are a thing of today. Although there are still things that manufacturers have to address: the buying price that needs to become more affordable, the range that still can be improved by more efficient, latest generation battery packs, and the need to develop better charging infrastructure, electric vehicles are slowly becoming more common on the roads and more drivers are willing to switch to them.

Many drivers, who have already have experience with EVs, point out that the prices and the overall autonomy don’t seem to be the biggest issues for an EV owner, it’s the charging time and the need of better infrastructure that need to be improved. That is why many car companies are investing heavily in their own, fast-charge stations and at the same time are looking into making their battery packs smaller, more efficient and suitable for supercharging.

There are even attempts at using nano-technology in battery production and the creation of solid-state batteries that are supposed to turn the industry on its head and significantly improve recharging times: instead of waiting for hours, you will have to wait for minutes.

This video shows some new electric cars that have the fastest charging times and great range autonomy. All information that was used in the creation of this presentation was obtained for educational and illustrative purposes only.

Modern electric vehicles are already great, they have incredible acceleration speeds, driving range that is suitable for longer trips and batteries that support fast charging rates. But there is still room for improvement, as drivers want their EVs to be even faster, run for more time without stopping and charge at speeds that even exceed Tesla’s supercharging rates.

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