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TSA and sophia lux (baddie)

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➡️What is the Daily Cx update #2?
The Daily Cx Update is a community channel of Live Streamers. designed to give you the latest and greatest Cx (see below) community network happenings delivered right to your subscription box. (subscribe and press the bell) Founded by LikesPking
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➡️What is the Daily Cx Update network?
The Daily Cx Update network is a group of vloggers who Live stream their daily life on youtube for the purpose of entertainment.

➡️Who is Ice Poseidon?
Ice Poseidon (Paul Denino) is a streamer living is Los Angeles who is very interactive with his fan base, (which is very active on reddit). He founded (which is basically the cx network) But what makes him unique is that he live streams it on youtube for thousands of people to see, Paul Denino's life (Ice Poseidon) is fun, entertaining, and exciting. To accompany him are some of his great friends and supporters, Volsesdad, "Scuffed Steve jobs" , and Jacob. He has also recently made friends with internet sensations Sam Pepper, Keemstar, and many others. He is set out to brand live streaming as the "future of entertainment". Viewers are able to send donations through streamlabs "text-to-speech function" (anyone can use it while streaming) to send on-screen text messages to Ice Poseidon. Also, when media is enabled, Paul or other streamers can hear a segement of the media you'd like to see appear on stream.

These videos can be considered a real-time reaction experience and make good ASMR or secondary learning and are great for playing in the background while doing other things, remember the brain is always learning. We do our best to provide audiovisual content.

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